Android Application Development and iPad Application Development Showdown

With launch of new iPad, Apple has strengthened its position in tablet market in which it still has about 70% of market share. With high resolution screen, higher camera strength and faster processor, it is now clear that this one is going to sell more and more and more. With directly comparing the features and proving it is far better than Samsung Galaxy tab, Apple has made a clear and audible war cry. So, we think Samsung guys are going to come-up with something very soon and we are going to see the same from Sony. We at Morpheous think the final showdown is going to be on the software side and not on the hardware side. It’s the Apps. What results iPad Application Development and Android Application Development is going to produce is what will make difference in the selling of the devices.

So far what we see iPad has far better chances of outselling any currently available tablets in the world just like last year and even may be outselling the PCs also. There are though quite of the increase in number of apps in the Google Market and looks it is becoming more live then was before. So as Android Application Development is producing some great apps and now Android users do not have to wait for months before the same which are available on iPhone and iPad become available for Android also. iPad Application Development is what we are looking forward to will show some change, due to more power and ultra-resolution, games and apps are going to rock on 9.7′ screen. We have to see how Sony and Samsung are going to answer resolution of new iPad. They should be afraid and pray Apple doesn’t get into TV production business checkout this great post to read regarding this topic.

People are aware of the apps and games available at the App Store and also that about 40% of them are not available on Google Market, but there is another factor of Android devices sell then just increase of Android Application Development and launch, and that is cost of Android based devices. They are affordable and yes they come in choices unlike Apple devices with one type of look and feel for all hardware. That is what keeping Android alive and even though there is sufficient amount of iPad Application Development, it hasn’t affected the selling of Android devices and is increasing.

Future is in the hands of Company which now offers more than a vibrant screen and good processor, or just power of iPad Application Development or Android Application Development, may be more innovative things, like what Sony did with back controls in PSP Vita.


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